Loughborough Sport and Hudl extend partnership

Loughborough Sport and Hudl’s working relationship is set to continue after agreeing to a new four-year collaboration.

Loughborough Sport and Hudl’s working relationship is set to continue after agreeing to a new four-year collaboration.

The video review and performance analysis specialist was first introduced to the performance sports programme at Loughborough University in 2017 and has since become an integral part of the coaching set-up.

The leading industry software is used across elite level sport at Loughborough and helps improve sports performance both on and off the field.

“The relationship between Loughborough and Hudl is way more than just the typical licence agreement. We work closely together on the mentorship and support for our volunteers and placement students as they’re a great link into the professional networks,” explained Andy Rhys-Jones, Performance Analysis Lead, Loughborough University.

“Our students get unprecedented access to industry-leading software, setting them up for the perfect head start when it comes to looking for employment. Access to Hudl products provides an excellent foundation for any prospective student with aspirations of a career in performance analysis,” added Andy.

The partnership has recently been strengthened with the introduction of Hudl Sportcode, the latest fully customisable performance analysis platform. As Andy explains, it has some exciting new additions:

“With sixteen performance sports programmes here on campus the needs and wants can vary hugely and the way analysis is delivered is also going to vary. However, the common theme is that coaches want something reliable and consistent that their players know will review performance in the same framework each week,” Andy said.

“Hudl Sportscode is a great new tool that we are set to implement into our performance sports over the next three months. We’re excited about some of the new enhanced features and additions such as the multi-angle capture, which will undoubtedly help enhance our workflows and gives students and coaches another string to their bow within sports analysis.

“The opportunities for the volunteers and placements students to learn here are second to none. To be able to experience one of the best performance analysis systems practically with our performance sport teams is certainly a huge advantage over competitor institutions.

“We’re trying to be different and innovative in the way we use analysis. Particularly in how we feedback and how learning takes place for athletes. This simply wouldn’t be possible without the partnership with Hudl,” he added. 

Sam Lloyd, VP of Elite at Hudl, explains how the relationship works both ways:

“Hudl is a leading software company revolutionising the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. It’s natural that we have partnered with Loughborough University - one of the world’s leading universities for sports-related study and the development of high-performance athletes.

“We’re excited to continue to support Loughborough in maximising team performance, individual performance and athlete development.

“This partnership now extends to the student analyst – who will not only gain exposure to video analysis using Hudl products in a high-performance environment but also have the opportunity to depart Loughborough University as a certified user of our software. 

“The relationship between Hudl, Loughborough University and a range of regionally-based world-class professional teams is key in producing the performance analysts of tomorrow.”

Hudl’s software is imperative for both budding and established coaches, helping professional players develop as athletes. Sarah Hunter, England Women rugby captain, and Loughborough Lightning Coach, explained further:

“It’s used so much in sport now and at the very top level. In order to reach that level, you must look at how you performed as an athlete, self-critique yourself, and sit down with your coaches and have one-to-one feedback about how you’re going to improve.

“But more so, you must look at how the team is performing and how they can get better. I just don’t think you can be a professional sports player these days without sports analysis.”

Placement opportunities in sports analysis at Loughborough University are regularly advertised through The School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, and the Coach and Volunteer Academy (CVA).