Q & A with Senior Community Engagement Officer Lauren Rowles

In recent weeks Lightning’s very own Senior Community Engagement Officer Lauren Rowles has received many emails thanking her for her inspiring work in the midland’s community. From reengaging former players back into the game to giving women their first taste of softball cricket, Lauren has created more and more opportunities for women and girls to play cricket.

Recently, Lauren was sent this lovely email. 

Talking to Lauren we asked her more about her role: 

My role covers a whole host of things from inspiring more people to take up cricket to providing opportunities for current players to have more opportunities to play. A big part of my role is adding value to the excellent work that the counties in our region already do. Most of that is getting our Lightning players in to schools and clubs to showcase that cricket isn’t just for the boys!

 What impact do you think your work has?

“It’s always difficult to judge impact in roles like this but I think the fact that we’ve reached more schools, clubs, provided even more playing opportunities than previous years is really pleasing. Plus, the community program has increased year on year which I think tells us all we need to know about the importance of what we do.”

What’s been your highlight so far?

“It has to be the All Stars money can’t buy opportunity we recently held at Loughborough University before one of our Lightning home games. The engagement from the children was fantastic and they loved meeting the players. 

Although, there’s been so many other events that have been so positive! 

A real highlight for me though has to be the positive feedback – it’s been so overwhelming! But more so it’s just so amazing to see so many children, especially the youngers ones aged 5-8 years watching women’s cricket and enjoying everything else we have to offer on a match day. 

Why is your work so important?

I think because there are still so many stereotypes surrounding cricket i.e. middle class, men’s game etc. It’s so good to be able to demystify these claims and ensure people love the game like those of us who are in the game! Plus, its important that everyone has the opportunity to play.

What’s your favourite success story?

It has to be the soft ball team featured in an article by CRICKETher where Brixworth Ladies Cricket Club developed out of attending one of our softball festivals. To the point where one of the players even went away and got their coaching qualifications. 

That story goes to show the impact a soft ball festival can have and it won’t be the first success story like that since the festivals were first introduced a couple of years ago which is why we’re so keen to support those festivals throughout the region!

What's your best tip for someone interested in giving cricket a go?

My advice would be to check your local county cricket board website or social media pages. Find your local club and get in touch! If there isn't an opportunity near you- why not create one!


Lauren’s work really can’t be fully captured in this short Q&A so why not attend one of our match day experiences or soft ball festivals to see first-hand the incredible work she does!