Looking after number one: A guide to self-care

a close up of a person having a back massage

One of the biggest causes of time off work, back pain, chronic fatigue and sleep disorders is STRESS. We all have it; it is often unavoidable. However, there are ways we can manage its impact on us and actions we can take to help us deal with stress better.

Research shows that exercise, such as yoga and Pilates, breathing techniques, massage and meditation greatly reduce the impact of negative stress on our physical body and mental health.

Regular massage can often be seen as a luxury or a treat, however MASSAGE can be a powerful tool in helping you to manage your STRESS. Not only are you physically giving your body the space and time to heal, but psychologically you are taking that much needed TIME out for you. You are saying ‘I MATTER.’

We service and MOT our cars, why do we often neglect our bodies? Self-care techniques are vital to help you in achieving optimum health.

The benefits of massage are endless, many of which I am sure you are all aware of. It helps to correct posture, release tension, increase circulation, remove scar tissue, decrease inflammation and pain within the body and around joints, relieves anxiety, lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, regulates hormones, helps with headaches, sleep disorders and increases digestion, helps you recover quicker from exercise and stay niggle and injury free. Preventing you from pain and time off work, sport, time with family, your hobbies and/or doing the things you enjoy!

Book an appointment today, take that time to say ‘I MATTER.’

By Gemma Lord


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