Welcome Back offer: compensation for 2019/20 memberships

We once again hope our gym and health offer can form an incredibly important part of our returning students' experience at Loughborough. Therefore, we want to give back more than the time lost training with us due to the lockdown closure in Spring 2020.

The Welcome Back offer is available for 2019/20 members returning from a placement year 

Those who are returning from a placement year and have not yet recieved compensation for their 2019/20 Academic Year membership for the lockdown closure, can benefit from the Welcome Back offer that was available to all returning members in September 2020.

The offer gives you £75 off our standard Academic Year membership in 2021/22 (a discount of 32%!). This is alongside our continued dedication to offer the very best health and wellbeing experience for all our members.

Due to the unprecedented events due to COVID-19, this offer replaces the pre-pandemic Holywell Loyalty Scheme for returning student members. This has allowed us to expand our offer and provide discounts to all returning members at both Holywell Fitness Centre and Powerbase.

If you have a query about this offer, you may find the answer you require below. If you still need some assistance, please contact our membership team via sportmemberships@lboro.ac.uk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the Welcome Back offer discount?

Please email sportmemberships@lboro.ac.uk to confirm that you have now returned from placement and would like the Welcome Back offer discount to be applied to your account.

The membership price will change at point of sale when purchasing onlinePlease note, all discounts are applied at the payment summary page.

Who is eligible for the Welcome Back offer?

We will only be offering the Welcome Back offer to those who purchased the 2019/20 Academic Year membership.

This includes:

  • Anyone who paid for an academic year membership at £209 or above at either Holywell Fitness Centre or Powerbase
  • Loyalty returners who paid £150 or £100 for the academic year Holywell membership 

Please email sportmemberships@lboro.ac.uk to confirm that you have now returned from placement for the Welcome back offer to be applied to your account.

What is the full value of the discount?

The price of the Welcome Back offer is £159 and is valid from 1 September 2021 through to 31 August 2022. To thank each and every one of our returning members for their support through the COVID-19 crisis, this is £75 cheaper than our standard academic year membership and £60 cheaper than the early bird offer in 2021/22.

We hope this will help give back more than the time you've lost training with us, and that we'll see you in our gyms very soon.

What is the deadline to sign up for a membership with the Welcome Back offer?

To benefit from the Welcome Back offer, 2021/22 Academic Year memberships need to be purchased by 1 November 2021.

Can I use my discount to purchase a membership at both Holywell and Powerbase?

Yes, whether you purchase your 2021/22 academic year memberhsip at Holywell or Powerbase, you will automatically receive your discount once you have notified us of your return.

And if you'd like to purchase a membership for both at the same time, the full discount will be applied to both memberships.

However, please be aware that our standard membership terms and conditions still apply to this offer and if you decide at a later date that you are only using one of the gyms and would like to cancel the other, we do not offer refunds after 14 days of purchase. Additionally, cancelling within the 14 day cooling off period will incur usage charges for each service used.

Cancellations may be requested by completing the online cancellation form.