Thank You offer: compensation for 2020/21 memberships

We know 2020/21 was a difficult academic year for everyone. Throughout the pandemic, where permitted, we have opened our facilities in as safe a way as possible, allowing all members to safely train with us. We once again hope our gym and health offer can form an incredibly important part of the student experience at Loughborough.

A special Thank You offer - available to all members who purchased an academic year membership in 2020/21

In appreciation of your continued support, we have added a special Thank You offer to all returning members' accounts, saving you £115 on this year’s membership. This means your 2021/22 academic year membership will be just £119.

Our Thank You offer is designed to more than compensate most members for the time lost due to lockdown closures. Even better, it has been automatically applied to all returning members' accounts and is available now in the Loughborough Sport app.

Thank you again for your support over the last 12 months and for being a valued member of our gym community.

If you have a query about this offer, you may find the answer you require below. If you still need some assistance, please contact our membership team at

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the Thank You offer discount?

Discounts have been automatically applied to all returning members' accounts who qualify for the offer. The price will change at point of sale when purchasing online. Please note, all discounts are applied at the payment summary page.

I have returned from placement, can I still access this Thank You offer discount?

We will only be offering the Thank You offer discount to those who purchased a 2020/21 Academic Year membership before January 2021.

Those who are returning from a placement year and have not yet received compensation for lockdown closures during the 2019/20 Academic Year membership, qualify for the Welcome Back offer that was available to all returners in September 2020.

Please email to confirm that you have now returned from placement and would like the Welcome Back offer discount applied to your account.

Click HERE for further details on the Welcome Back offer.

What is the full value of the discount?

The Thank You offer is a £115 discount on the standard Academic Year offer which in 2021/22 has been frozen at £234.

I am on a placement year for 2021/22. Can I have the discount for the 2022/23 academic year?

Yes, please send a copy of your placement confirmation letter to and we will add your discount so it can be applied for the 2022/23 academic year (after 1 September 2022).

What is the deadline to sign up for a membership with the Thank You offer discount?

To benefit from the Thank You offer, academic year memberships need to be purchased by 1 November 2021.

Can I use my discount to purchase memberships at both Holywell Fitness Centre and Powerbase?

Yes, whether you purchase your 2021/22 academic year membership at Holywell or Powerbase, you will automatically receive your discount.

And if you'd like to purchase a membership for both before 1 November 2021, the full discount will be applied to both memberships.

However, please be aware that our standard membership terms and conditions still apply to this offer and if you decide at a later date that you are only using one of the gyms and would like to cancel the other, we do not offer refunds after 14 days of purchase. Additionally, cancelling within the 14 day cooling off period will incur usage charges for each service used.

Cancellations may be requested by completing the online cancellation form.

I will not be returning to Loughborough University as a student. Can I receive my discount if I still live locally?

Yes, we will honour the Thank You offer for all returning members (whether still a student or not) who would like to continue to use our sports facilities as an alumni, member of staff or campus partner. This offer has been automatically added to your account regardless of your student status, giving you £115 off the Staff and Partner membership price.

I would prefer to extend my membership as compensation for the closure periods, is this possible?

Yes, if the Thank You offer does not work for you, we can extend your current membership until the 1 March 2022.  This gives you an additional 6 months of gym membership but please bear in mind, once expired, renewing your membership until the end of the academic year will cost more than if you would have paid for the full 2021/22 academic year with the Thank You offer. 

To request an extension, complete this form HERE.

I will not be returning to Loughborough University for the next academic year, what are my options?

If our 'Thank You' offer or a membership extension do not work for you, you can request a refund for time lost this year due to closures. Refunds will vary depending on the purchase price of your membership and when you joined, but on average will be around £90. The exact amount will be calculated by our financial team and you will be notified of this amount and a deadline date to decline the refund if you would prefer another option before we process your refund.

Requesting a refund means you will not have access to our Thank You offer or a membership extension.

Refunds will be processed to the card details used to purchase the membership and will take on average 8 weeks to process. We will notify you as soon as the refund has been actioned and you will need to allow 3 working days for this to be credited to your account. If the card you used at the time of purchase has now expired or been replaced, this will not affect the return of the refund to the account it was previously attached to. If the refund was unsuccessful, we will contact you to arrange an alternative method to process your refund.

To request a refund please use this form HERE.

I have cancelled my 2020/21 membership, can I still benefit from the Thank You offer discount?

Unfortunately this offer is only available to returning members whose 2020/21 academic year membership expired on 31 August 2021 and have not opted for a membership extension or refund.