Frequently asked questions

If you have a query about cancelling your membership, you may find the answer you require below. If you still need some assistance, please contact our membership team via

How do I request a refund?

Membership refund decisions cannot be made within facilities with a Loughborough Sport staff member. All refund requests need to be placed in writing by the membership holder. This can be done by completing the online cancellation request form or by emailing 

Please allow 7 working days to receive a response, this is to allow us time to review your request and assess eligibility.

What makes me eligible for a refund?

Only up front paid memberships are eligible for a refund when the below criteria is met:

  • Membership has been purchased less than 14 days before cancellation request has been submitted.
  • You are withdrawing from your studies or employment at Loughborough University - A signed and confirmed leave of absence letter from the University will be required to support the refund request.
  • You are currently unable to exercise due to medical reasons - A current signed doctors letter stating your name and full explanation of why you are not able to train will be required to support the refund request. We can not except letters that are dated prior to the date of your membership was purchased.

Those that are eligible to receive a refund, will be informed of the amount they are entitled to receive back after administration and usage fees are deducted.

Please note that those who purchased a 3 year Holywell membership in 2016-2017 or before are no longer eligible for a refund, even when the above criteria is met as no credit will be left to refund after deducting administration and usage fees.

How much are the administration and usage fees?

All refunds will incur a £20 admin fee plus any usuage of our facilities or services.

Those that request a refund within 14 days from purchase will be deducted any usage at the pay as you go price per visit to the fitness suites, swimming pool or fitness classes. Usage fees within the 14 days will be capped at £20.

Any refunds eligible after the 14 day cancellation period will be deducted the following usage fees:

  • Annual/Academic year memberships - will be deducted the monthly pro-rata fee for the period used from date of purchase.
  • Consective year memberships - will be deducted the annual pro-rata fee for any period used over a year and then the monthly pro-rata fee for less than a year used.

When will I receive my refund?

The length of time your refund will take for us to process back to you, will depend on the payment method used when membership was purchased:

  • Online payments - May take up to 3 working days and payment will be refunded back to the card that was used to make the initial payment.
  • Card payments - May take up to 7 working days and payment will be refunded back to the card that was used to make the initial payment. 
  • Cash payments - May take up to a month to process. Unfortunately, we cannot refund by cash payments, therefore the University finance department will process the refund via a bank transfer. Loughborough University students will need to ensure that they have their bank details up to date on Learn.

When will my monthly payments end after submitting a cancellation request?

Direct debit and salary deduction memberships can be cancelled at any time by providing a full calendar month's notice in writing. At every opportunity we will try and cancel your membership as soon as possible. However, due to bank and payroll deadlines a payment may still be deducted after we recieve your cancellation request.

For example, if we recieve your cancellation request on the 5th of March, you may still have your gym payment deducted at the end of the month and your membership will then expire at the end of the following month (April).

Can I transfer my membership to the other Loughborough University gym?

All transfer requests must be requested in writing to

Membership transfers can be requested within 14 days from the date of purchase and only one free transfer will be allowed. To transfer back to the opposite gym will incur a £20 admin fee.

Transfer requests recieved after 14 days from date of purchase will incur a £20 admin fee.

For those that have purchased an Academic Holywell membership with their loyalty discount but then wish to transfer to Powerbase, will be required to pay the full Powerbase Academic year membership price. 

Transfer requests can no longer be requested by those that purchased the 3 year Holywell membership in the Academic year 2016-2018 or before. Those that wish to train at Powerbase will need to purchase a Powerbase membership along side their Holywell membership at the full membership price.