Proposal for redevelopment of sports facilities 

The University is actively exploring options in relation to a proposed change of use for the Gymnastics Centre.

What is the proposal? 

The proposal is to replace the Gymnastics Centre with an additional high performance gym environment. 

Why is the University exploring a change of use? 

With a growing number of AU clubs and student athletes on campus, we have seen a significant increase in student numbers within our gym facilities over the last five years. The launch of the University’s Para Sport Strategy has also led to an increase in the number of para-athletes and students with disabilities that need specialist space in which to train. To ensure our facilities are inclusive for all and continue to support as many students as possible we need to regularly review demand and use. The proposal would create gym capacity for around 2,500 more students and athletes. 

Who currently uses the Gymnastics Centre? 

The Gymnastics Centre is currently used by the Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Trampolining and Snow Sports clubs. In the last few years the combined membership of these clubs has been under 400. All of these clubs are part of the conversation and have been asked for their views on future training requirements. 

What happens now? 

A final decision on this proposal is yet to be made.  The University is listening to those clubs that may be impacted in order to understand their concerns and look at alternative options for facilities both on and off campus should the proposal be taken forward.  

How can I make a comment about the proposal?