Gym standards and expectations

Powerbase is a unique performance training environment and our goal is to ensure that everyone can train to their maximum capacity in a safe way. All our members have a part to play in creating a training environment befitting of the facility, so we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the Standards and Expectations that we hold.

Return equipment after use

We are fortunate to have a wealth of top of the range training equipment in Powerbase. Out of respect for the image of the facility, the staff, and your fellow users, we ask you to return weights, bars, blocks, cable accessories, movement training equipment, kettlebells, resistance bands, as well as any and all other category of assistive accessories, to the correct storage site after use. This contributes to a powerful aesthetic image and optimises training efficiency for you and your fellow users.

No bags or unnecessary “clutter”

Powerbase can be a very busy environment, with many members on the gym floor at any one time. Please keep with you only strictly necessary accessories, in a neat and safe arrangement within your workspace. Along with bags and coats, any possessions that aren’t directly adding value to your training session must be kept off the gym floor in a locker or other storage solutions provided.

Use walkways to navigate the gym

For your own, as well as your fellow gym member’s safety, please use the walkways to move around the gym. Weaving through working equipment presents a serious risk of injury.

Be mindful of your behaviour

Powerbase is a performance centre, with that, we expect an environment conducive to excellence. We want all our members to enjoy their time training at Powerbase, but it is first and foremost a working environment. Leave every training session proud of the way that you have conducted yourself, in the knowledge that you have contributed positively to a world class training environment.

No phone calls to be taken in the gym

Whenever a phone call is taken, awareness is impeded, meaning a heightened risk of disrupting another member’s training, and an increased risk of causing injury. Please take all phone calls in either the reception area, the changing rooms, or outside the building.

Respect the gym staff and your fellow members

It is the responsibility of the gym staff to ensure that the environment is safe, and conducive to high performance training. Whilst adding value to our membership base with their range of skill sets, one of their primary duties is to ensure the rules and behaviours within the facility are upheld. Please be respectful of the team when considering your own actions within Powerbase.

No open top drinks or cooked foods

Open topped drinking vessels can be spilled, leaving significant mess, and in some areas a slip hazard. This is easily avoidable by using a closed top drinking bottle/cup. Cooked foods can be messy and strong in odour. We ask that any training snacks are mess free and appropriate for a training environment.

Dress appropriately

Powerbase is a performance centre where we expect our members to be approaching training with intent. As a result, appropriate training clothing/footwear should be worn within the facility. Furthermore, as a safeguarding matter, shirtless training is not tolerated, nor will garments that the staff feel are inappropriate / unsafe.

Be respectful of elite access periods

Powerbase operates with Elite Access Periods. These are 10:00-12:00 & 14:00-16:00 on weekdays. These are protected training times to ensure that our highest performing athletes can optimise the contact time they have with their S&C practitioners. Please be respectful of this, and if your membership does not allow you access during these times, do not attempt entry.

Maintaining our standards

Thank you for being a member of Powerbase and maintaining our high expectations to create a world leading performance centre.  Adhering to our standards allows us to offer you a uniquely focused and safe training environment in one of the country’s leading performance centres.  We hope you enjoy it.

Note – These are a number of high-impact behaviours, this list does not supersede the wider terms and conditions you signed upon joining.  Sanctions will be applied to members who do not adhere to our standards and expectations.