Maximuscle is the official Sports Nutrition Partner to Loughborough Sport. Maximuscle products can be purchased from Powerbase and Holywell receptions.

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Maximuscle products are now available from Powerbase and Holywell receptions, see product list below. 

Maximuscle products

Fuel Max Plus - Citrus Burst Flavour (70g)  £    1.50
Fuel Max - Mixed Berry Flavour (70g) £    1.50
Promax Protein Bar Millionaires Shortbread Flavour (60g) £    1.75
Promax Lean Protein Bar Peanut Butter/ Cookies & Cream Flavour / Salted Caramel Flavour / Chocolate Mint (55g)  £    1.75
Thermobol Lean Definition (90 tablets)  £   20.00
Maxi RTD Protein Milk Strawberry/ Chocolate Flavour (250ml) £    1.50
Maxi RTD Protein Milk Strawberry/ Chocolate Flavour (500ml) £    3.00
Shaker (700ml)  £    2.50
Maxi Cyclone Whey Protein Chocolate (1.26kg) £   30.00
Maxi Cyclone Whey Protein Strawberry (1.26kg)  £   30.00
Whey Protein Concentrate Strawberry (2.5kg)  £   33.99
Promax Lean Whey Protein (Chocolate/ Strawberry) (990g)  £   30.00
Maxi Water bottles  £    3.50

Improve your training with Maximuscle

Improve your training with Maximuscle

The MaxiNutrition training zone has been built so your clued up on the latest training trends and exercises top athletes and personal trainers are using to help improve their performance.

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