Visakh J

Event Management Volunteer

Visakh J

Visakh is an MSc student studying Sports Management. Through his love of football he grew interested in working in the football industry and developed goals to learn more about the sports management sector through his volunteering experience.

Tell us a little about yourself (E.g. hobbies, interests and background):

I am an MSc Sports Management student from India. I've been interested in sports since I was a child, having played football at various levels. Even though I was unable to continue playing football owing to many injuries, I wanted to work in the football industry, which is my passion. This interest motivated me to switch from a backend job to study sports management in order to gain a better understanding of the sports sector.

I am also a Chelsea FC fan, and my hobbies include watching football matches. I also enjoy playing football, cricket, and video games.

How did you first get involved in volunteering within sport at Loughborough?

When I learned about the CVA and the volunteering opportunities it offered, I was eager to get involved but had no idea where to begin. Matt Leonard was quite helpful in helping me understand how to apply for events and what opportunities were available. With his assistance, I was able to begin my CVA experience by volunteering for a Derby U23 football match coordinated by Paige Nuttall. Paige walked over the roles and responsibilities with us and made sure that all of the volunteers were comfortable in their tasks. It had been a fantastic experience, and I was looking forward to assisting at future events.


During your years at Loughborough what did you get involved in through volunteering within sport?

During my time at Loughborough, I was able to volunteer with:

        1. Derby U23 Premier League matches
        2. National Division 2 Rugby matches
        3. Loughborough Lightning Rugby
        4. Loughborough Basketball Events
        5. Loughborough Lightning Netball Event Coordinator
        6. Loughborough Indoor Athletics Competitions
        7. Commonwealth Games England Kitting Out
        8. Lightning Cricket Event Assistant

In addition to volunteering at the aforementioned events, I got the opportunity to learn from the CVA team's many Workshops/Masterclasses. Among the classes are::

  1. Media, Marketing and Communication Briefing
  2. Performance Support Briefing (Online)
  3. Performance Analysis Masterclass: Ryan DeFreitas, Lead Academy Performance Analyst with Leicester City FC
  4. International Sports Events Masterclass

What was your experience volunteering like?

Visakh holding an Athena Swan award for Student Volunteer 2022

My experience volunteering with CVA has been fantastic. In my first year in the UK, these opportunities allowed me to connect with like-minded people and make great friends. These events also provided me with insight into the workings of the UK sports sector. It never felt like work because I was doing something I was passionate about, and I even got to see these events live, which was a fantastic experience.

How has being involved with Loughborough Sport helped you develop and progress (personally and professionally)?

Visakh standing in front of a Team England background whilst volunteering for the Commonwealth Kitting Out team.

In my one year with CVA, I was able to develop the skills required to work in the sports sector. Volunteering helped me to get a Coordinator position for the Lightning Netball event held at the University. The experiences also helped me get the chance to volunteer with UEFA for the Finalissma match between Argentina and Italy, as well as the Women's Euro 2022 in the United Kingdom. I was able to work with Team England on the Kitting out for Commonwealth Games thanks to CVA.

I'd say that my efforts have been well rewarded.

What’s the best advice you could give to a Loughborough student looking to get involved in volunteering and gain the most out of their university experiences?

I believe the experience you will gain from these events will be priceless. You get to meet a lot of new people and learn about working in the sports industry. These experiences will provide you with several opportunities in the future.

Finally, what do you enjoy most about volunteering?

I began volunteering with the intention of acquiring experience working in the sports sector, but after I got started, I realised how much I enjoyed working with different people, getting to know them, and learning from their experiences. I also enjoyed watching these sporting events and being a member of the team that contributed to the event's success.

Feeling inspired?

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