Rose Wignall

Event Management Volunteer

Rose is an Event Management Volunteer who has recently become an International Federation of University Sport Student Ambassador for 2022/23 representing BUCS. She began getting involved in the CVA through working at Rugby matches, Derby U23 Football matches and as a Loughborough Lightning Match Day Assistant. These experiences helped her gain experience to get a job at the UEFA Women's Euro 2022 as an Assistant Stadium Manager.

Tell us a little about yourself (E.g. hobbies, interests and background):

Sport has been part of my life for as long as I can remember whether it was watching Liverpool football matches, playing basketball in the park or going gymnastics in the garden, sport has been a constant throughout. After always playing football in the garden with my Dad, I joined a my local girls’ football team aged 6. Along with football I took part in summer tennis camps, weekly gymnastics classes and represented my school in athletics and netball. I was always excited to try out new sports and get involved. At Loughborough, although I’d never played it before, I started playing handball and have loved being part of the Loughborough handball club this year! Outside of sport, I love spending time with friends and family, travelling, reading and seeing live theatre, comedy or music.

How did you first get involved in volunteering within sport at Loughborough?

Before I arrived in Loughborough, I learnt about the CVA through the university website and immediately wanted to get involved. I started applying for any roles which looked interesting, including rugby matches, Derby U23 football matches and Loughborough Lightning FC matchday assistant. My first volunteering experience was at a weekend rugby match where all volunteers were given a brief before the event and I was tasked with helping to assist spectators, answer their questions and direct them towards ticket sales if needed. After this experience I couldn’t wait to come back to volunteer at the next match! The other student volunteers, the community volunteers and the event co-ordinator were friendly, chatty and brilliant to work with. From there I applied for as many rugby events as I could and other similar roles within events management.


During your years at Loughborough what did you get involved in through volunteering within sport?

During my time at Loughborough, I have volunteered at both men’s and women’s rugby matches, Derby U23 football matches, Loughborough Lightning football matches, Loughborough Lightning wheelchair basketball matches, international athletics competitions and handball matches within events management. I also volunteered as the media, marketing and communications volunteer for Lightning Cricket and was the sports officer for the Loughborough Women’s Network which is one of the welfare and diversity associations at the Students’ Union. Through the CVA and these roles I have also had opportunities to complete qualifications and masterclasses including football refereeing qualification, handball refereeing qualification, wheelchair handball coaching qualification, emergency first aid at work qualification, social media content masterclass and photography masterclass.

What was your experience volunteering like?

Rose Wignall at the CVA Awards

My volunteering experiences at Loughborough have been unforgettable! I have made lifelong friends, developed my skills and my confidence. Volunteering within events management has been rewarding because I saw first-hand the spectator’s enjoyment and built rapport with regular fans. These experiences have given me practical events experience where I was able to see for myself how things are run, where issues may arise and how to solve problems quickly and effectively. To be recognised for my hard work volunteering with the CVA Events Management Volunteer of the Year award was an honour. I will forever be grateful for those at Loughborough who have supported my development in events management and offered their advice.

How has being involved with Loughborough Sport helped you develop and progress (personally and professionally)?

My involvement with Loughborough Sport has helped me develop and progress because before arriving at Loughborough I had a limited understanding of sports events and what goes into running a successful sports event. Volunteering has opened my eyes to the details and hard work which goes into events management. It has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding and develop the skills required for a job within the sector such as cooperation, organisation and adaptability. After volunteering consistently throughout my first semester I was offered a casual paid role with Loughborough Sport as an event lead for rugby matches and some Premier League U15s events. These roles, along with my volunteering, helped me get a job at the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 in England as Assistant Stadium Manager for Wigan & Leigh.

What’s the best advice you could give to a Loughborough student looking to get involved in volunteering and gain the most out of their university experiences?

The best advice I could give would be to give it a go! There are so many opportunities available with Loughborough Sport that it is a great chance to try out different roles to see what you enjoy the most. Even if you are not looking to work in sports, it is a great way to meet new people, develop your skills and even watch some sport where possible. For those wanting to work in the sports industry I would highly recommend getting involved because it provides practical sport sector experience and enables you to network with staff, community volunteers and other student volunteers.

Finally, what do you enjoy most about volunteering?

The people! For me, it was the people who kept me coming back to volunteer each week. Of course, I also enjoy learning and helping to create a successful event, but it is the people around you, who are part of the team that make the experience so enjoyable. I have made friends for life while volunteering at Loughborough and I cannot wait to see them all succeed.

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