Maddie Scullion

Loughborough Students Womens Hockey Social Secretary & 5s Coach

Alongside playing for the Women's 2s Maddie wanted to give back to the club through volunteering and has undertaken a role on both the club committee and as a coach, not just helping enhance her own experience but also the experienceof other club members.

Tell us a little bit about yourself (hobbies, interests and background):

I started playing hockey when I was 12 for my local club Preston which is how my interest really started . Outside of hockey, I enjoy going to watch rugby (Sale sharks) with my dad and cycling.

How did you first get involved in volunteering within sport at Loughborough?

 Through playing AU hockey, and wanting to give back to club through volunteering my time to help make LSWHC the best,  along with all the other members who help run it.

During your years at Loughborough what have you got involved in through volunteering within sport?

Through volunteering in sport this year, I’ve been involved in coaching at a BUCS finals as well as coaching the beat team ever!

What has your experience volunteering been like whilst at Loughborough?

It’s honestly been one of my most memorable and enjoyable experiences at Loughborough, it’s so rewarding to see the players/friends you coach improve and really enjoy the Loughborough sporting experience!

How has being involved with Loughborough Sport helped you develop and progress (personally and professionally)?

By being involved it’s really helped my build my confidence not only being a coach but as a player myself. It’s also provided me with extra experiences that I am able to take into the future after leaving Loughborough hopefully giving me a head start in anything I do.

What’s the best advice you could give to a Loughborough student looking to get involved in volunteering & gain the most out of their university experiences?

Take any opportunity you are given as there is no other experience quite like the ones given at Loughborough.

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