Mayank Kabadi

Social Media Manager: Loughborough Football

2nd year BSc Sport Management student, Mayank Kabadi, currently volunteers with Loughborough Football as social media manager for the club after previously holding a role supporting the Loughborough MCCU.

Tell us about yourself (hobbies, interests and background):

Passionate about anything and everything sport related. Over the last few years have been intrigued by the impact that social/digital media has had within the sporting world and how it can be used to benefit a sporting organisation in various ways. I also do love playing and watching cricket.

How did you first get involved with Loughborough Sport?

Got involved with a marketing project for Loughborough Football and through that got involved with managing their social media channels.

During your years at Loughborough what have you got involved in through the CVA?

I’ve been involved with the marketing project for Loughborough Football last year as well as working as the CVA media and marketing officer for a short period of time. This has led to several opportunities and benefits, furthering my personal and professional growth.

What has your experience volunteering been like whilst at Loughborough?

I’ve felt well supported and have been helped in situations where I’ve encountered some obstacles. It has been great of being a part of the community where everyone is thriving to succeed.

How has being involved with Loughborough Sport helped you develop and progress (personally and professionally)?

It has provided me with the experience that will massively assist me going forward to work in the sports/digital media industry. I’ve also come across and met some great people who have taught and inspired me to always keep improving.

What’s the best advice you could give to a Loughborough student looking to get involved in volunteering & gain the most out of their university experiences?

Get involved and strive to keep improving. Try and step out of your comfort zone so it helps you enhance your skillset. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you will massively learn from them.

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