Connor Gannaway

Squash Performance Analyst

two women playing squash

2nd year Sport & Exercise Science student, Connor Gannaway, currently volunteers with Loughborough's Squash Programme as a Performance Analyst.

Tell us about yourself (hobbies, interests and background):

I am currently a second-year student at the university studying sport science. My hobbies include playing and watching sport and going to the gym. My background in sport is predominantly based within football, having played it all my life and being a lifelong Southampton fan. Prior to my role with the CVA I had very little experience within squash having only played it a couple of times recreationally.

How did you first get involved with Loughborough Sport?

My first involvement with Loughborough sport has come through my current role as the squash team performance analyst. Having been wanting to get involved in something extra besides my degree to stand out from other graduates, I received an email advertising this role from the CVA with instruction on how to apply through the CVA portal. I applied to this role alongside the same role within different sports before having successful interviews for these other sports. I ended up choosing the squash role because I felt it was the best opportunity for me to grow professionally. I then started my role at the beginning of my second year.

During your years at Loughborough what have you got involved in through the CVA?

My first and only role has come in the form of the squash performance analyst.

What has your experience volunteering been like whilst at Loughborough?

My experience has been very good. I have had hands on experience within a potential future career path and it has given me a taste of what the future might be. My experience has been very hands on, and I have been given a lot of scope to take the reins and make a difference within the team. I have had good fun in my role as I’ve travelled to away games with the squash team and I enjoy my day to day challenges that come with being a performance analysis volunteer.

How has being involved with Loughborough Sport helped you develop and progress (personally and professionally)?

My role has increased my personal development, as part of my role was to be a part of inter-disciplinary team meetings with the squash department. This involved me communicating with and learning from other professionals, such as strength and conditioning coaches, psychologists etc, which is something I wouldn’t have had the chance to do without the CVA. I feel this has prepared me for a real-life professional environment which is not something you get in your degree course. My role through the CVA has also provided me with training on industry standard software (such as Sportscode) which is desirable by employers within my, and any potential career industry. It has also given me experience in meeting deadlines, managing uni and volunteer workloads, and it has given me an insight into the responsibilities required of a performance analyst.

What’s the best advice you could give to a Loughborough student looking to get involved in volunteering & gain the most out of their university experiences?

From my experience, I would encourage anyone to get involved through the CVA as it helps set you apart from other candidates when it comes to applying for potential placements and graduate jobs. Also, it is a great opportunity that we, as Loughborough University students, are lucky to have as not every university can offer what we have available to us. It also gives you the chance to broaden your professional networks, make new friends and learn about something you may not have experienced before. Overall, my role through the CVA has been enjoyable and has challenged me in ways I have not considered in the past. I have learned a lot about myself in my role and it has inspired me to potentially pursue a career within performance analysis.

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