Practitioner Programme

Developed in partnership with the School of Sport Exercise & Health Sciences, Loughborough Sport's Practitioner Programme utilises the expertise of our practitioners and academics to provided a blended and applied learning opportunity for those who are pursuing a career as a practitioner.

Stage 1

The first stage of the programme, aimed at undergraduates beginning their journey as a practitioner, sees a series of interactive workshops delivered by Loughborough Sport's Practitioner's and academcis from SSEHS, to provide a blended & applied learning opportunity for those who are pursuing a career as a practitioner. Click the toggle below to find out more details including how to apply:

Stage 1 (PP1)

What is it?

A series of interactive workshops delivered by SDC & SSEHS to provide a blended & applied learning opportunity for those who are pursuing a career as a practitioner. Deliverers will be from backgrounds such as S&C, Physiology, Nutrition, Performance Analysis and Psychology who will help build your understanding in the following themes:

  • Performance sport landscape & the demands of practitioner roles
  • Hearing perspectives of elite athletes and coaches
  • Improving rapport building & effective communication skills
  • Learning how to meaningfully apply theory in practice

What will you get out of this opportunity?

  • Opportunity to build relationships with Loughborough Sport practitioners and learn from their experience
  • Practical tasks to complete to enhance your understanding
  • A clearer understanding of working in the performance support landscape
  • Developed soft skills required to progress in this industry
  • An opportunity to be spotted prior to recruitment windows for roles at Loughborough Sport


  • Recruitment taking place in October 2023
  • Programme runs between February & March 2024
  • Recruitment for 2024-2025 voluntary roles follow this programme 



Applications open

2nd October 2023

Applications close

3rd November 2023

Successful candidates chosen

9th November 2023

Welcome & introduction session

28th November 2023

How to apply?

Applicants need to send in a 3 minute (maximum) video explaining how you meet the following essential criteria for the programme: 

  • More than one year remaining at Loughborough
  • Completed some experience within performance support or made appropriate attempts to secure experience
  • Desire to move into a voluntary practitioner role at Loughborough 
  • Willingness to listen and learn from others*
  • Willing to throw yourself in and be pushed out of your comfort zone*

* As part of your application video you will need to give examples of how you have demonstrated these qualities previously.

Please use to upload your video application to One Drive. 

Apply Here

Stage 2 & 3

Our vision is to build a 3 year programme that sequentially builds on the knowledge and skills students developed in the previous stage and ultimately helps prepare them to go out into industry. Check out the information below to see what our visions in for the future stages of the programme:

Stage 2 (PP2)

The second stage of the programme builds on the understanding developed in the first stage of the programme and will look to develop soft skills for practitioners, such as coach/practitioner relationship building and listening & questioning skills. 

Key outcomes for those on stage 2 would include:

  • Improved self-awareness and evaluate where to focus energy for improvement
  • Recognise the skills that are required to thrive in high performance environments

How to apply?

This stage is for those who opt in to continue on the programme after completing stage 1.

Stage 3 (PP3)

The third stage of the practitioner programme takes the knowledge developed in stage 1 and through your studies, along with the application of knowledge and experience in stage 2, to help prepare you to go out into the industry focusing on:

  • Building and utilising your professional network
  • CV writing, applications and interviews

Stage 3 is only availible to engaged and proactive students that took part in stage 2, and will therefore be by invitation only. 

Impact of the programme

I think it has given me a much better and more realistic understanding of what it means to be a practitioner and what to expect at the workplace.


Average rating for feeling more prepared to take on a practitioner role

*50% rated 9 or 10

Comments about sessions

"Really interesting talks by the speakers, using their experiences to educate us as so we can learn how to build rapport in the most effective way as this is a massive building block in practitioner-athlete relationships"


How engaging were the deliverers on this programme?

Comments about deliverers

"I enjoyed hearing from a wide range of speakers who sounded passionate and enthusiastic about their work"

Student testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Hear all about the motivations behind applying for the programme, what they gained from the experience, and advice they have for those thinking of applying!