AU Future Leaders Programme

In partnership with the Athletic Union, the CVA are launching the AU Future Leaders Programme to develop the leadership skills of future influencers within the AU.

Why are we running this programme?

The CVA is launching the AU Future Leaders Programme in order to develop the leadership skills of ‘influencers’ within the AU. This programme will run for the course of one academic year, for 15-20 students who are currently involved in the AU, but are not yet a Club Chair or on AU Exec. This enables the student to undertake the programme while they have less commitments, whilst benefitting Loughborough Sport by upskilling them early. Long term, this will provide a pathway for AU members looking towards a role as club chair, AU Exec or even paid AU staff. 

Overview of the programme

The programme will start with two team building days to give students the opportunity to get to know each other and create a close learning community. We will then move through a series of workshop across the year covering topics such as self awareness, communication styles, conflict management and more.

Students will apply their learning between sessions, and will also commit to undertaking a development project within their AU Club. Students on the programme will work together to drive the quality of student experience and reputation and profile of the AU.

The programme will conclude with an 'impact session' where each student presents the progress made in their club through their project. On completing the programme, online access to all resources covered will be available, to support with your future leadership role.

Workshop delivery by CVA and subject matter experts

The core delivery will be done by the CVA, inviting subject matter experts such as founder of EIGER Performance, Guy Richardson, in to deliver on a range of topics.

Applied learning between workshops

Between each workshop there will be a task for the students to complete, applying their learning, which they will present back on at the beginning of the next session.

Drop-in support sessions

There will be the opportunity for the students to attend drop in support sessions with CVA staff to seek advice and gain feedback on their projects.

Access to online resources

On completing the programme, online access to all resources covered will be available, to support with your future leadership role.

What will I get out of the programme?

You'll learn and develop a host of skills to support you in dealing with challenges faced in leadership roles within the AU and beyond. Here's just some of the skills students learnt or developed on last year's leadership programme:

Skills learnt and developed by student leaders on last year's leadership programme

I've not only been able to develop my communication and confidence, but also the ability to analyse and reflect on my own and other people's leadership styles

Rachel Caverhill Previous participant of the CVA Leadership Programme and current Athletic Union Clubs Officer

How do I apply?

Step 1

Please create a 2 minute video explaining how you meet the essential criteria for the programme:

  • More than 1 year remaining at Loughborough
  • Desire to move into a leadership role within the AU in the future
  • Willingness to listen and learn from others
  • Willing to throw yourself in and be pushed out of your comfort zone

In your video, please give examples of how you have demonstrated the last two criteria.

Please send your video to Matt Leonard (Sports Volunteering Officer) via WeTransfer.

Step 2

Ask a current AU committee member / Club Chair / AU Exec member to submit a nomination for why you should gain a place on the programme. This should be submitted through the form below (which will appear on the 19th August when applications open).

Opening & Closing dates

Applications will open on the 19th August and will close at midnight 11th October. Both steps above must be completed before this date. We will offer places on the programme mid September. 

Submit a nomination

Please follow the link below for the nominations form

Fill out my online form.

Your nomination does not have to be long but consider writing how they meet the criteria such as displaying a willingness to learn and be pushed out their comfort zone, or how they've been an influence in your club.