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Waste Guidance Notes

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The  operational controls in this section are referred to as Waste Guidance Notes,  there is a Quick Reference Guide (00) which  provides a quick summary on all the main waste  streams and on which you can add specific local instructions, (a word version  is available on request). Each waste stream then has its own Guidance Note and attached to some of these are posters which can be used for labelling waste bins/areas.  If the waste you are looking to dispose of is not  listed please email us at waste@lboro.ac.uk for further guidance.

Many  thanks and happy recycling.

To view the Waste Guidance Notes in alphabetical order click here  

Waste Guidance Notes

00 Quick Reference Guide

01 General Waste

02 Paper

03 Confidential Waste

04 Cardboard

05 Stationery

06 Plastic

07 Cans

08 Glass

09 Laboratory Glass

11 Books

12 Toner Cartridges

13 Mobile Phones


15 Batteries

16 Lightbulbs

17 Wood

18 Metal

19 Furniture

20 Sheet Glass

21 Plasterboard

22 Paint

23 Aerosols

24 Cooking Oil

25 General Oils


27 Chemical Waste

28 Inert Material

29 Coffee Cups

30 Mattresses


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