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Welcome to Loughborough!

Your Environmental Responsibilities

Here at Loughborough, we recognise that our activities can have a sizable effect on the environment, both locally and globally. We work hard to mitigate our environmental impacts, and ask for the support of all staff in doing so.

Loughborough has an Environmental Policy in place, which commits all staff to adhere to the environmental procedures and standards within our Environmental Management System (EMS). The policy recognises that all staff and students have a role to play in protecting our environment on campus and in improving our overall environmental performance. In practise, this means that we are all expected to take responsibility within our day-to-day activities, by ensuring that we always switch off equipment when not in use, recycling as much waste as possible, using sustainable methods of transport when possible and other such simple actions.

Our EMS is based around eight key areas, for each of which there is a standard detailing what Loughborough University expects of it’s staff with regards environmental responsibility. We have also created a set of environmental procedures to help you understand and accurately follow the correct process when carrying out tasks which may have an impact on the environment. These include guidance on how to correctly recycle various materials, how to ensure that all equipment is turned off in your areas before a University closure period, what to do in the event of a chemical spill and other such guidance.

You can find these standards and procedures on the EMS ‘Standards and Procedures’ page.

How can you get involved with Sustainability?

If you’re interested in getting involved with sustainability on campus, take a look at the ‘Get Involved’ pages and take a look at our social media links on the right-hand side of this page. Perhaps you want to join a Green Impact team, and help ‘green’ you department or building, or maybe you want to help maintain the ancient woodlands on campus, or perhaps become an Environmental Champion, join LUFBUG (Loughborough University Bicycle Users Group) or just come along to one of our events. Whatever your area of interest we’re sure there will be something to tempt you! And if not, please get in touch with one of the team! We love to hear new ideas from staff and students alike!

Environmental Essentials

For a better understanding of sustainability here at Loughborough University, complete the 20-30 minute environmental essentials module here

Sustainable Transport

As a new member of staff, one of the things on your mind might be getting to go around campus in the greenest way possible. We run a number of schemes to help you do just that. There is the free Sprint shuttle bus which runs every 5 minutes across campus during the day (and every ten minutes to the town centre and train station for a small fare). We also run an active and popular car share scheme and provide some excellent bicycle facilities all over the campus. Take a look at the transport pages to find your ideal travel method.


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