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It's Better OFF @ Home - Kitchen

Why not try a few of these quick tips to make your kitchen more energy efficient?

Looking to save more?

Ensure your fridge and freezer doors close properly. Together, fridges and freezers are the two biggest energy consumers, so you need to ensure that you make the most of both appliances to maximise their performance. Check that doors are tightly shut, otherwise both need to work much harder to maintain their temperature.

Turn appliances off at the socket. Do you really need the clock on the oven or the microwave?

Opening your oven door to check if your food is ready actually reduces its temperature by 25 degrees, making it take more time and energy to cook your food thoroughly than is necessary. You should try and cook the items you need for a meal simultaneously in order to reduce the time you need your oven on for.

If you have an electrical oven, turn it off ten minutes before your meal is due to finish cooking. If you don’t open the door, the oven will carry on cooking at the same temperature.

Wash your clothes at a cooler temperature. Your washing machine will work just as well at a lower temperature as it would at a higher one. Because washing powders and liquids are technologically more advanced these days, they will clean just as well at 30 degrees as they will at 40 degrees. Always ensure you’re washing at full load, otherwise adjust your cycle to a half load setting so it doesn’t use as much energy or water. An Energy Saving Recommended model uses a third less electricity to operate than an older model, so bear this in mind when shopping for a new one.

The other items you use in your kitchen – dishwashers, blenders and tumble dryers - are all extra appliances rather than essentials, however much we might be attached to the time saving benefits they offer. Where possible, try and minimise your use of these items in favour for a more energy efficient mode. Instead of using the dishwasher every night, why not wash up by hand every other day? Ditch the tumble dryer when the weather allows you to dry your items outside, and use a fork or manual item to whisk and stir items instead of zapping them in a machine - you’ll feel much more satisfied at the end of the recipe!

Energy efficiency ratings on appliances: Almost all new appliances are rated between A - G based on their efficiency, The higher the grade the more efficient the appliance. There are various different labelling systems used on different appliances. View further information on energy labels and buying new energy efficient products.


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