Coming to University in the UK

Coming to university is a big step in your life and this shift can be bigger for some than others especially when coming from abroad.

Sometimes this change can cause some challenges with settling in due to people coming from all different cultures and backgrounds.

How can the University support you?

If coming from abroad the university offers a buddy scheme in which you are partnered up with someone from a similar background. This gives you someone to contact before moving to university and over your first few weeks to ease your settling in process and let you talk about worries you may have. They will also talk about any problems they found and how they overcame them. 

The student’s union offers a number of cultural societies for people from the same culture to gather together. These can all be found at the activities bazaar run by the students union during freshers. To find out more information and dates look on the students union social media or speak to your hall committee.

What to do next?

Talk to your buddy

They are there to help and might be able to offer some insight and advice into how to deal with issues.

If something is bothering you, speak up about it

Whether this be in your accommodation or on your course some people may be unaware that things are distressing you so it is good to make them aware of what you are feeling and why you are feeling it and this should allow you to come to a compromise.

If in halls go to your international student’s night

This is a place for all people who are studying from abroad to meet others in the same situation who live very close to you.

What should I do if I am worried about somebody else?

Be accepting and open about other people’s cultures. Moving to university means you will encounter people from all different cultures and backgrounds and so being able to understand that they may be struggling with the transition will make it easier for them.

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Last Updated: 8th September 2022