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Welcome to Lboro!

We hope you will enjoy your time at university with us!

To help you prepare for university life we have put together some information and tips to look through in your own time.

Finances and budgeting

Further information

You can keep up to date with student finance England over on their website:

Careers Network have some great resources to help you find part time work in the local area:

Don't forget that there will be paid opportunities on campus too:

We have some links to budgeting templates to help you decide what's best for you:

 Saving money:

If you are worried about finances, please talk to Student Advice and take a look at the information on their website: 

An interview with Luke (videos)

What concerns did you have about coming to university?



Did anything surprise you when starting university?



What were the first few weeks like?



What advice would you give for forming friendships?



Who has helped you in your community and how?



What advice would you give for students to make the most of their first year?