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Student Safety

What is the University doing to prevent Sexual Violence?

Loughborough University and Loughborough Students' Union adopt a zero tolerance approach to sexual violence of any kind and are committed to creating a culture where sexual violence is understood and regarded as unacceptable.

Sexual Violence Working Group

The University's Sexual Violence Working Group consists of specialist academic staff and support staff, students, as well as Students' Union Executive Officers.  The Group is committed to addressing sexual violence and ensuring student safety and is involved in developing policy in the area,  planning campaigns and interventions, providing both staff and students with information on sexual violence and reporting processes, establishing links with the Police, as well as working collaboratively with Public Health England and  local SARCs (Sexual Assault Referral Centres), as well as regularly reviewing work in the area.

Sexual Violence Policy

Loughborough University and Loughborough Students' Union have embraced a joint Sexual Violence Policy.  The Policy outlines our commitment to proactively addressing the issue and sets out our approach to supporting survivors of Sexual Violence.

Sexual Violence Policy‌ 

Staff Training

The University provides staff most likely to receive a disclosure with face-to-face training on first-response processes, ensuring that staff are equipped to respond to disclosures of sexual violence sensitively and appropriately.  The University has also developed a protocol for staff to follow when responding to disclosures. 

Consent Workshops

Consent workshops are student-led; Loughborough Students' Union's Consent Workshop Coordinator and Consent Volunteers lead workshops that are taken to halls, AU clubs and societies.  The workshops aim to faciliate a healthy discussion around consent by creating a safe learning environment, developing an understanding of the importance of consent and identifying what consent might look like.  

Campaigns and Support Groups

Loughborough Students' Union run campaigns throughout the year which aim to raise awareness of sexual violence and trigger cultural change, thereby ensuring that our campus is a safe and respectful space for all students.

Support Networks are also there to empower diverse and under-represented groups, ensuring all students have a voice within both LSU and University settings, in order to tackle misrepresentation, prejudice and harassment of any kind.

  • Know the line - campaign tackling sexual harassment, particularly on nights out
  • Better decisions - campaign encouraging students to consider the implication of their actions on themselves and others, focusing on the effects of drinking
  • Transform - campaign supporting trans* and non-binary students
  • LGBT+ Association - provide a support network for every student that identifies within the LGBT+ spectrum at Loughborough University, Loughborough College and RNIB College
  • Loughborough Women's Network - represents and provides a voice for all self-identifying women at Loughborough University, Loughborough College and RNIB College