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Money problems

There are numerous reasons why students have problems with money. It might be because you are stuggling to budget, or that you have had an unexpected problem.

We have advisers who can help you whatever the reason.

If you are in financial hardship you might be able to get some help from a hardship fund. All the information on eligibility and how to apply is below.

The Hardship Fund

The University has some money to help students who find themselves in financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances. An award from this fund is not automatic and students need to make a full application which will be assessed. Please note that the fund cannot help with tuition fee payments. You need only make one application in any academic year, unless you experience a further change of circumstances.

The Student Advice and Support Service can review your draft form and supporting documentation prior to formal submission. You can make an appointment to see an adviser by either dropping into the Bridgeman Building and speaking to one of the first contact team on the front desk, or by phoning 01509 222765. 

Forms will not be accepted without full supporting documentation.



Hardship Fund Form Sample Budget for Loughborough Sample Budget for London


Hardship Fund - Change of circumstance form

 Postgraduates continue to be eligible to apply to the Hardship Fund during the summer and should apply on the standard 18/19 form.  Postgraduate assessments will be based on the full period of their academic year.

If you have already applied to the Hardship Fund in this academic year, you can re-apply using a shortened application form setting out any change in your circumstances since your previous application. It is recommended that you discuss your application with a Student Advice and support Service adviser before re-applying:

  • If your previous application was unsuccessful then an adviser may be able to help you include information to give your application a better chance of success.
  • If your previous application resulted in an award from the fund it would normally have been assessed taking account of your circumstances over the whole academic year. To receive an additional award, you would need to demonstrate that there has been a change in your situation since your original application. Alternatively, you may have overlooked including certain information from your original application and a Change of Circumstance form gives you the opportunity to add extra details. 



Summer Hardship Fund Form for UG Sample budget for summer fund

 From 20/6/19 continuing undergraduate students may only apply for financial support from the Hardship Fund to cover costs over the summer period  Application forms for help with costs during the 19/20 academic year will be available here at the start of term.

Financial assistance may be granted to students living independently over the summer and those unable to support themselves financially. For example: if they need to remain in Loughborough for the vacation due to family, personal, health or study reasons or if family circumstances mean they must contribute financially if living at home. It is expected that students will have attempted to find paid work or other means of supporting themselves over the summer, but if they have reasonable grounds for not doing so this should be explained on the form to be taken into account.

The maximum total payment available from the HF is £2,500 per academic year.  Any previous award in 2018/19 will be taken into account.  Any student who has already received £2,500 in 2018/19 cannot be considered for further payment this year. Students graduating  in July 2019 are not eligible to apply.

Please read the guidance notes at the end of the form and refer to the sample budget for an overview of standardised spending levels.