Academic Quality Procedures Handbook

9. Initial Teacher Training

9.4 Partnership Schools

The PGCE Programme can only be delivered by partnership with local schools under the terms of DfE (2017). This is a legally binding partnership which is offered annually to suitable schools.

The quality of support provided by partnership schools is fundamental to the overall quality of the trainees’ experience. The normal selection criteria for partnership schools are agreed by the Partnership Committee.

They include:-

  • Schools have proven interest and experience in providing ITT.
  • Schools agree to the terms of the Partnership arrangements specified in the Invitation sent out each year.
  • Schools can provide evidence of good quality education (e.g. Ofsted reports).
  • ITT Co-ordinators and mentors or representatives attend training sessions as required to keep abreast of DfE, NCTL and Ofsted requirements and the entitlement of ITT trainees.

More detailed criteria of selection have been agreed by the Partnership Committee and are reviewed annually in the light of DfE/NCTL requirements for ITT Partnerships and any local developments.

The roles and responsibilities of the University and the Schools within the Partnership are described in both the Invitation to Partnership, the Memorandum of Agreement and in the Partnership Handbook (all of which are annually updated).

Monitoring of trainees’ experience is carried out through the Staff/Trainee Committee, feedback questionnaires after both Phase 1 and Phase 2 school placements and visits to schools by University Tutors. Any shortfall in the requirements are discussed with the Teacher Education Committee and Partnership Committee and are followed up by the Director of Teacher Education, the Partnership Manager and subject Programme Directors, unless urgent action is required.