Academic Quality Procedures Handbook

6. Student Support and Guidance

6.9 Provision of Information to Students

The primary sources of information for those considering studying at Loughborough University, as well as applicants, are as follows:

Marketing and Advancement lead the update of both Prospectuses. Details of the update process are being reviewed in light of the Competition and Markets Authority guidance and details will be available here shortly.

Prospective applicants may also access specific subject brochures and information on School websites. To prevent multiple versions of online course information, a policy of School websites linking through to the appropriate page of the Undergraduate or Postgraduate Study website is in place.

The information published by Marketing and Advancement is in line with both the Visual identity guidelines and Writing style guide.

Prior to their arrival at the University all new students are sent a Registration Pack containing the advance information required. A registration pack may also be sent from Schools, and this should inform School and Programme Handbooks into one document.

School Handbooks cover more specifically some of the issues covered in general terms in the Student Handbook. They should also cover:

  • a statement of School policy on concessionary assessment arrangements for students with disabilities
  • the School's Coursework Code of Practice
  • Opportunities for study elsewhere e.g. ERASMUS, international exchanges.
  • the School's approach to Quality Assurance Procedures
  • the contact person for making a claim of impaired performance

 Programme Handbooks should contain:

  • a statement of the Programme's aims and intended learning outcomes
  • Programme Regulations
  • Module Specifications for core modules only, with directions as to where specifications for optional modules can be found and mention that students might not be accepted onto their optional module choice for reasons of timetable clashes or maximum limits on numbers.
  • An Assessment Matrix for the programme showing the mode of assessment for every module (template available from the Template Shop at:
  • a statement of any requirement for moderate additional personal expenditure which students were liable to incur during their studies and items specifically required for the programme. Exceptionally high levels of additional personal expenditure required for an individual module should be indicated in the relevant Module Specification in the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment field, and Programme Handbooks should direct students to this information.
  • a reference to the existence of the funds available for students in financial difficulty.


Provision of information to students on PGCE Partnership courses is detailed in Section 10.

Marketing and Advancement  operate a policy of only publishing material following approval and confirmation of accuracy by those originating the material.