Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Portfolio Scheme

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Portfolio Scheme, accredited by Advance HE, enables anyone who is involved with teaching at Loughborough to undertake a teaching qualification via a pathway that is right for your current role and leads to an appropriate level of Fellowship that meets the experiences and responsibilities within which you work (Associate Fellow [AFHEA], Fellow [FHEA] or Senior Fellow [SFHEA]).

It is important that all participants in the Scheme choose the right Descriptor level; this is based on the breadth and range of your teaching experience. Please complete the Advance HE Fellowship Category Tool to help you choose: 

Which pathway is right for you? The diagram below will lead you to the right pathway and the Learn pages will provide you with more information about each pathway. 

CPD Portfolio Scheme

Recognition of Experienced Practitioners

Associate Teaching Pathway

Recognition of Teaching for Researchers

For those with at least 3-5 years’ experience teaching in HE

For those supporting student learning such as University Teachers, technicians, Librarians, Research Associates, Graduate Teaching Assistants

For PhD students support student learning via selection process

Success leads to Associate Fellow, Fellow or Senior Fellow (as appropriate)

Success leads to Associate Fellow or Fellow (as appropriate)

Success leads to Associate Fellow (or Fellow in exceptional cases)


General writing support with hints and tips to develop your application, can be found at this webpage which has been specifically designed for our Loughborough CPD Portfolio Scheme: 

You will be supported in the final stages of your submission with a mentor, who will be allocated after you have attended the final writing session of any pathway.  You can meet with your mentor twice and they will read a full draft once and provide feedback for you. 

If you still have questions after looking at the information about the different pathways of the CPD Portfolio Scheme, please see our contact details on the right-hand side.