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Reading is an important part of the learning process and underlies many of the courses provided by the University. Reading lists form an essential part of this, allowing academics to guide students to relevant material to support their studies. We use an online system called LORLS to manage reading lists.

This system was developed locally and has been made available as open source. The system provides students with up-to-date reading lists and checks availablity of material against the Library catalogue. It also allows academics to maintain their own reading lists without having to separately inform the Library of any changes.

What are the benefits of using the Reading List system?

  • The system automatically alerts the Library to the details of what is being recommended which enables us to acquire and make available the appropriate texts and resources
  • The system is the only place that scanned copies of journal articles or book chapters can be made digitally available in accordance with copyright legislation
  • The system presents live availability and the location for each item, eliminating the need for students to re-key the details into the Library Catalogue
  • The system allows students to link directly to electronic resources we hold, such as ebooks, ejournals and databases

Why do changes I have made on the Reading Lists system not show on the Reading List that displays in LEARN?

The reading list system links to LEARN so that the readings are displayed on the left hand side of the module page within LEARN but it is not a live feed. This means that there is a delay in changes made on the reading list system being reflected in the readings displaying in LEARN. If the changes haven't updated after a day please contact the Library and we will check this for you.

It is often easier for students to use the link from the LEARN module card to the reading list system itself as this gives live availability of items and links to electronic resources. It is also easier to view longer lists within the reading list system than it is to view them from within LEARN.

Can I have book chapters or journal articles on my reading list?

Yes you can, if the Library holds an electronic copy of the ebook or has a subscription to the journal then the reading list links directly to those items. When the Library does not hold the item electronically we can scan a copy from our print stock or, if we do not own the item, we can try to obtain a copyright cleared copy from the British Library. These scanned copies are added to a Digital Content Store hosted by the Copyright Licencing Agency and a url is provided. The url from the Digital Content Store is added to the Reading List so the item can be electronically accessed by your students directly from the reading list. Please note there are restrictions on what items can be made available in this manner but the Library will check these and ensure we comply with copyright regulations.

What material can be scanned and where can it be made available?

Loughborough University holds a Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Higher Education Licence which allows us to make digital copies of extracts from published printed material, such as book chapters or journal articles. All items made available as a result of this licence must be reported to the CLA. When an item that needs to be scanned is added to the reading list system the Library obtains the required pdfs and adds them onto a Digital Content Store database managed by the CLA. Only items made available on the Reading List system are added to the Digital Content Store and thereby reported to the CLA, material made electronically available elsewhere would not be compliant with this licence so pdfs of scanned material must be made available via the Reading List system and cannot legally be made available on LEARN

Please note that this service is subject to copyright regulations and we can only make one chapter or 10% of a book (whichever is the larger) or one article per issue of a journal available digitally per reading list. The publisher also has to have signed up to the service otherwise we cannot legally make the item available. All of this is checked by the Library so you don't have to worry about it!


Can I add a reading list for a META module?

The reading list system only has individual module codes on it rather than META modules due to the way that META modules are managed by the University. It is possible to link individual modules together so that they share one reading list. Individual modules that make up a META module can be combined in this manner, please contact the Library if you would like this arranging.

Due to the fact that META modules can combine any number of 'normal' modules together they have not been created on LEARN in the same way that a standard module is. This means that they do not have a module card and they do not link to the reading list system. IT Services recommend that if Academics wish to link from a META module page in LEARN to the reading list system they should manually insert a link to the appropriate reading list.

Where can I go to obtain help with the Reading List system?

If you have any comments or queries about the reading list system or if you would like help or advice regarding your reading list please contact Jane Bramley in the Library: or telephone 01509 222407

For further help visit the LORLS development team's blog which includes a design diary, online demo and documentation about the system.