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16 December 2022

Doctoral researchers: Managing personal and sensitive information (ONLINE)

About this event

Overview:  Whilst the management of research data has always been important to the individual researcher, effective research data management is increasingly important within the whole research lifecycle for all disciplines.  This is particularly important where sensitive and personal data is involved.  This session will outline the additional requirements in managing these types of data and give an overview of the legislation involved, e.g. the Data Protection Act; highlight the support available at Loughborough University; investigate anonymization techniques. 

Learning outcomes:

Participants will be able to:

  1. Understand if their data is covered by the Data Protection Act
  2. Have an understanding of anonymization techniques
  3. Have an understanding of the ethics process at Loughborough
  4. Reflect on best practice for managing these types of data securely
  5. Identify the support offered by IT Services and other Professional Services within the University

Other information: This session is aimed at researchers of all levels.

Presenters:  Library Staff with input from experts on ethics and data protection.

Mapping to RDF : Domain C: Research Governance and organisation. Sub-domain 1- Professional conduct; Sub-domain 2- Research management.