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16 December 2022

Doctoral researchers: Introduction to research data management (ONLINE)

About this event

Target audience:  This session is aimed at early career researchers, although mid-career researchers would also benefit from the principles discussed.

Course outline: Whilst the management of research data has always been important to the individual researcher, effective research data management is increasingly important within the whole research lifecycle for all disciplines.  This session explores what research data management is, why it is important and introduces participants to the key concepts involved to enable them to incorporate best practice within their projects.

Outcomes:  Participants will be able to:

  1. Explore research data management (RDM) within the research lifecycle
  2. Recognise the key terms and concepts involved in RDM
  3. Identify the benefits and drivers for good data management
  4. Reflect on best practice for managing digital data effectively
  5. Identify the support offered by IT Services and other Professional Services within the University
  6. Discuss the benefits and challenges of sharing data

Mapping to RDF: Domain C: Research Governance and organisation: Sub-domain 1- Professional conduct; Sub-domain 2- Research management; 3 - Finance, funding and resources.