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16 December 2022

Doctoral researchers: Expert searching (ONLINE)

About this event

Overview:  The course will start off with a quick refresher on keyword and phrase searching and then explore searching thesaurus and indexes, proximity searching, combining answer sets, nesting, and saving searches.  These techniques will help improve comprehensiveness and help reduce irrelevant search results.  The session will include demonstrations and time to practice searching for information on your own research areas.

Learning outcomes:

Participants will be able to:

  1. apply new techniques to improve searching, including using thesaurus terms
  2. feel confident about using Boolean operators, nesting and using search sets
  3. gained some hints and tips for author searching

Other information:  This session  is designed for early-career PGRs and Research Staff who want to improve the effectiveness of their literature searching and relates to the Researcher Development Framework's Domain A - Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities: A1 Knowledge base, A2 Cognitive abilities, A3 Creativity; C1 Professional conduct; D2 Communication and dissemination.

The Library run a separate course on Finding Information and this covers how to search databases and the strategies to use to search comprehensively, this is useful to attend prior to attending the Expert Searching session.