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16 December 2022

Doctoral Researchers: Planning and finding evidence for a systematic review (ONLINE)

About this event

Target Audience:  This course is designed for early-career doctoral researchers and Research Staff, particularly those who are working in medical, biomedical, scientific and engineering fields.

Overview:  This session will define and outline the steps to conduct a systematic review (rather than a literature review).  It will cover the differences between systematic reviews and other types of reviews; creating a methodology, the purpose of a scoping search, producing a protocol, analysis and evaluation of the search results, as well as data extraction.  It will not cover how to search literature databases.


Participants will be able to:

  1. appreciate the purpose of a systematic review
  2. identify how a systematic review differs from a 'standard' literature review
  3. understand the models, structure and stages of a systematic literature review
  4. critically evaluate the literature
  5. construct a methodology for creating a systematic review


Other information: This session relates to the Researcher Development Framework's Domain A - Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities: A1 Knowledge base and A2 Cognitive abilities; C1 Professional conduct; D2 Communication and dissemination.

The Library run a separate course on Finding Information and this covers how to search databases and the strategies to use to search comprehensively.