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Loughborough University has a long history as an institution of further and higher education. It originated from the Loughborough Technical Institute, set up by Leicestershire County Council in 1909 to provide local facilities for further education. Courses in science, art and technology were taught in day and evening classes.

During the First World War, the Technical Institute, on the initiative of an energetic new Principal, Herbert Schofield, became an 'Instructional Factory' for the Ministry of Munitions. In addition to normal teaching, the College trained over 2000 men and women 'on production' for the munitions industry, making shell cases and machine parts in the college workshops.

Between the wars, Loughborough College (as it was renamed in 1920) expanded, attracting students from all over the world. It widened its reputation beyond engineering to athletics, handicrafts and teacher training. In 1951-2 the College was divided into four separate institutions reflecting its main areas of interest. Loughborough Training College (later Loughborough College of Education) provided teacher training; Loughborough College of Art taught art and design; Loughborough College of Further Education (now Loughborough College) offered local and vocational training; and Loughborough College of Technology continued its courses in science and engineering.

The College of Technology continued to train 'on production' and by sandwich courses and in 1957 was designated a College of Advanced Technology. In 1966 it was granted university status and received a royal charter as Loughborough University of Technology. In 1977 the original structure was partly restored when the University and the College of Education were amalgamated. 1998 saw another chapter in the story when Loughborough College of Art and Design was also reunited with Loughborough University.

Frequently asked questions about the University Archives

Where can I find out more about the history of the University?

For more on Loughborough University's history see:

  • History of Loughborough College 1915-52 (Loughborough College Past Students Association, 1957)
  • L M Cantor & G F Matthews, Loughborough: From College to University (LUT 1977)
  • L M Cantor, Loughborough University of Technology: Past and Present (LUT 1990)
  • Leonard Cantor, Loughborough University, The First 40 Years (Loughborough University, 2006)
  • Bernard Elliott, The History of Loughborough College School (Loughborough College School, 1971)
  • Clive D Edwards, Striving for Excellence: Art and Design Education in Loughborough (1893-1998) (Loughborough University School of Art & Design, 1998)
  • Leonard Cantor, Loughborough College, A Centenary History 1909-2009 (Loughborough College 2009)

What's in the Archives?

The University Archives holds written, photographic and other material relating to the university and its predecessor colleges, as well as papers of former staff and students. Catalogues and indexes of the collections are available in the Archives Room.

Loughborough College 1909-52

Loughborough College of Technology 1952-66

Loughborough College of Education 1952-77

Loughborough College of Art & Design 1952-98

Loughborough University 1966

Including :

  • Minutes of governing bodies and committees
  • Administrative records
  • Financial records
  • Student enrolment records and registers
  • Published annual reports and financial statements
  • Published calendars and prospectuses
  • Course Regulations
  • Examination papers
  • College and University newspapers, magazines and journals
  • Departmental prospectuses and syllabuses
  • Works Department drawings and production records


Loughborough Students' Union 1918 onwards  including LUT Students Union 1966-1975

  • Minutes of Council and committees
  • Student magazines and newspapers


Past Students Association 1922-88 (minutes and correspondence)



  • including Instructional Factory


Donated and Deposited Papers

  • Principal collections include:
    • Clemerson Collection: ledgers of Loughborough department store
    • Swindin Collection: personal and business papers of Norman Swindin, Hon. Reader in Chemical Technology
    • Wallis Collection: plans of College playing fields and pavilion
    • Goodson Collection: copy of Sir Walter Raleigh letter
    • J F Peck Collection: papers of onetime Head of Mechanical & Civil Engineering
    • Dan Maskell Collection: papers and memorabilia of tennis commentator
    • W E Pegg Papers: papers of former student and Lecturer in Civil Engineering
    • H E Hopthrow Collection: notebooks and photographs of former student and engineer
    • John Lucas Literary Collection: letters received by Professor of English and Drama
    • F W Collins Papers: athletics papers and the 1948 Olympic Torch Relay
    • Peter Waals Drawings: furniture designs for student work
    • Rooke Collection: papers relating to the Gas industry to the Chancellorship of Loughborough University 

Are there any restrictions on using the Archives?

In addition to general Library Regulations:

  • All visitors must enter their full name and address and the purpose of their visit in the register of readers in the Archives Room
  • Documents may be consulted only in the Archives Room
  • Pencils only may be used for note taking and documents must not be marked in any way
  • Documents may not be quoted or published in extract or in full without the permission of the University
  • The Archivist cannot undertake private searches nor give legal advice
  • The Archivist reserves the right to withold unlisted or fragile material
  • Photocopying and photography by arrangement

Acquisitions Policy

Material relevant to the history of the University, its activities, staff, students and associates. Please contact the archivist if you have items of interest that you would like to donate.

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