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Managing references

Referencing software exists to help you organise your references to all the information sources you have used in your research and help you cite them when you write up your work. In addition, you will find that referencing software allows you to annotate, sort and share documents making it much easier to evaluate the effectiveness of your search for research information and collaborate effectively with colleagues in your research area. There are lots of tools available, with the University providing and supporting Mendeley. There are frequently asked questions and links below to help you in the use of reference software and you can always ask your Academic Librarian for further help.

Q: How can I share my references and documents?


  • To share references and attachments either use the email option or set up a group. The export a file option may be useful if you are sending just the references to a colleague who does not have a Mendeley account but has an account with another reference manager.

For detailed help please consult the guides on the Learn page -

Q: How can I import my references?


  • Drag and drop a PDF.
  • Use the Web Importer to import directly from a range of databases such as Google Scholar, Web of Science and Scopus.
  • Import using a BibTeX or RIS file.
  • Create a reference manually.

For detailed help please consult the guides on the Learn page -


Q: How can I keep my references if I leave Loughborough?

It is always a good idea to save your references throughout your time at Loughborough so that when the time comes you can easily transfer them to a new reference manager. How you do this depends on the reference manager you have chosen and also the one you will be using in the future.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Save your references in a variety of file formats – BibTeX and RIS are the most commonly used or EndNote XML if you are likely to use EndNote.
  • Your references can be saved but your PDF attachments will not, so make sure to save a separate file of all your PDFs.
  • If you have used Mendeley with a Loughborough email address you can carry on using the free version of this service but just remember to use the account settings to change your email address.