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30 Apr 2019

Database Trial – Oxford Scholarly Editions Online

This term we're trialling a cornerstone of humanities scholarship across the world, Oxford University Press’s Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (OSEO).


Unparalleled in breadth and quality, the OSEO provides full-text access to over 1,350 editions covering 1,200 years of history straight to your desktop, showcasing their authoritative editorial notes directly alongside the text and enabling advanced search within and between editions.


The trial includes access to the following modules:


  • OSEO 18th Century Drama Module
  • OSEO 18th Century Poetry Module
  • OSEO 18th Century Prose Module
  • OSEO 19th Century Drama
  • OSEO 19th Century Poetry Module
  • OSEO 19th Century Prose Module
  • OSEO Early 17th Century Drama Module
  • OSEO Early 17th Century Poetry Module
  • OSEO Early 17th Century Prose Module
  • OSEO New Oxford Shakespeare
  • OSEO Renaissance Drama
  • OSEO Renaissance Poetry Module
  • OSEO Renaissance Prose Module
  • OSEO Restoration Drama
  • OSEO Restoration Poetry
  • OSEO Restoration Prose
  • OSEO Romantics Drama Module
  • OSEO Romantics Poetry Module
  • OSEO Romantics Prose Module
  • OSEO Shakespeare Module

To begin searching go to - access is via IP address and the trial runs to 24th June 2019.

We welcome feedback – good or bad – on this trial, please contact Steve Corn - - with your comments.