University Library


27 Jul 2023

Mendeley update

Mendeley is reference management software widely used across the University. It allows you to store, organise, highlight and annotate PDFs and references. Through the Word add-in citations can be inserted into documents. Some users may be familiar with Mendeley Desktop; however, this version has not been developed or updated since early 2022 and is now becoming obsolete. Users are being encouraged to use the new version of Mendeley called ‘Reference Manager’. This version will replace Mendeley Desktop and is available to download on your personal devices.  Mendeley Reference Manager is already installed on University computers.

Current Mendeley Desktop users will find that, as long as they use the same username and password, all of their references, files and folders that they currently have in Mendeley Desktop will automatically be imported into Reference Manager. More information on this is available in the Mendeley module within Learn.
If you are still using Mendeley Desktop it is imperative that you now take action and migrate your content to Reference Manager as Mendeley Desktop will cease to function as referencing management software from September 2023.