University Library


20 May 2021

Library subscribes to Human Kinetics Library Collection

The Library has signed up to a 2 year subscription to the Human Kinetics Library Collection -  ‘a content hub dedicated to the research, teaching, and understanding of kinesiology, sport, and exercise science’.

The collection has over 165 ebooks and 200 videos, and provides:

  • Access to market leading content including textbooks, supplementary monographs, and materials for practitioners.
  • Highly visual and engaging content, including a suite of instructional videos, images and audio clips to create a rich and rewarding instructional experience for instructors and students.
  • User friendly platform featuring an engaging, easy-to-navigate interface and sophisticated indexing and searching tools, allowing for easy research and discoverability at the chapter level.
  • A bespoke taxonomy to allow the user to discover the most relevant content.
  • Annual updates of new ebooks and videos