University Library


16 Jun 2021

New Web of Science interface

From July 7, 2021, all users will be automatically taken to the new Web of Science platform.

The new Web of Science has been available for testing since November 2020, and we’ve been listening to user feedback to make enhancements – bringing to the platform a personalized and intuitive user experience with:

  • improved search capabilities
  • faster page loads
  • increased accessibility
  • responsive design for viewing on mobile and other devices

If you haven’t already, you can familiarize yourself with the new platform right now, and enjoy some exciting features available in the new Web of Science only, including:

  • Author Impact Beamplots
  • Enriched Cited References (Beta)
  • Funding data
  • Improved patent to article citations
  • Copy search query
  • Export up to 1000 records
Try it now

During this extended preview, you can navigate back to the classic Web of Science from the new Web of Science.