University Library


16 Jun 2020

Important Information for Finalists - Please Check & Clear Your Library Account

Finalists, at the end of your final academic year we usually ask you to return all material on loan as soon as possible after your last examination/assessment and ensure your accounts are clear. However, as the Library building is not currently open to users we have made the following arrangements:

  • Students still on campus can leave books in our external drop box, which is emptied daily
  • Students who live in town can use an external drop box situated outside the Students Union building if it is easier to access. The drop box is under the canopy just to the left of the external shop entrance and is clearly marked. This drop box is also emptied daily.
  • Students who are returning to campus to clear rooms can leave any Library material in a safe location in halls. Ask at the Hall Reception for the specific locations. We will then transfer the books to the Library and remove them from accounts.
  • For those of you away from campus and away from Loughborough we are looking at ways for you to get books back to us, we are aiming to get information to you as soon as we can, please keep an eye on your email accounts and the Library website and social media.

We have suspended fines throughout the lockdown period and automatically renewed all books, so no Library fines will have accrued. We have also taken the decision to grant a complete fine amnesty for final year students this year, so you do not need to worry about any Library fine you may have accrued – our aim is to get as many books back as possible.

You may check your borrower record by accessing your Library record online. Please do not leave it until the last minute, and ensure your School knows where to contact you if necessary. Please keep an eye on the Library’s Twitter feed and webpages for any further updates.

If you have any queries about your record or this process, please contact us by emailing or ringing 01509 222360.