University Library


6 Jun 2019

Printer Credit Refunds for Finalists

It’s the time of year when Finalists, coming to our enquiry desk to clear their account with us (hint, hint!), also enquire after getting their surplus printer credit refunded. Easily! 

Refunds can be obtained by visiting the Creative & Print Services Office based in the Herbert Manzoni Building, which is open Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm, where they will refund the balance of your account back on to your debit or credit card.

Please be aware that only Finalists can receive a refund – continuing students can't treat it like a piggy bank! - and that once you have received your refund, your University print account will be closed permanently – you won’t be able to log in & print on campus thereafter. Something to bear in mind if you need to print off a few copies of your CV!

Oh, and before you ask - no, you can't use surplus printer credit to pay off outstanding library fees. Two entirely seperate financial systems!