University Library


2 Nov 2020

Advance notice of standardisation of loan periods w/c 9th November

As part of the Library’s continual review of services to react to the needs of our users, we have decided to standardise the loan periods of our physical book stock at the Pilkington Library by removing the one week loan status and just having a single long loan status.

What are the benefits of the change?

  • A simpler system for users as there is just a single loan period
  • Fewer emails generated (don’t worry, we will still send reminders four days before a book is due for return and the day it is due)
  • Fewer fines to pay
  • Simplified processing reduces Library costs
  • A fairer system of borrowing stock – you no longer have to be the first to rush to the Library to get one of the long loan copies
  • It supports future developments we have planned for 2021 such as automatic renewals

What happens if a book is in demand?

If all the copies of a book are out on loan you can place a hold request on the title. This changes the status of the books and recalls them from the user who has it on loan at the moment and they will have one week to return their requested book. If there is more than one request a book will only issue for one week to minimise the wait for a book. This is the same as our current procedures so you shouldn't notice any differences.

Do I have to do anything with the week loan items on my record?

No. The changes will be made on our system and will apply to books even if they are on loan. The next time you renew them they will renew for the long loan period rather than a week.

What about the green week loan stickers on the books?

From 9th November, you can ignore the week loan stickers. Library staff will remove/cover them over time.

I am a part time/distance learner or am registered with Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity. Will I still get extended loans?

Yes, students in these categories would continue to receive six weeks instead of the usual four when borrowing books.

I am based on the London campus – will these changes apply to me?

We will still have week loan items at our London Library due to the block teaching element at our London campus. We will, however, keep this under review.


We will start making the changes to our system w/c 9th November. Don’t worry if books on your record don’t change straight away as we are doing them in batches of 1000, so it might take a few days to complete.

If you have any questions about these changes or want to check what is showing on your Library record, please email with your query.