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1 May 2019

Claudia Parsons Memorial Lecture 2019

This year's Claudia Parsons Memorial Lecture takes us on a journey from the tallest places on Earth to the infinite depths of outer space, as Dr Suzanne Imber will be speaking about her journey to becoming a space scientist, the instruments and missions she has been working on and how, over the next decade, advances in the space industry will change our everyday lives.

She is also a high altitude mountaineer and has climbed some of the most remote mountains on the planet. Bringing together space science and mountaineering, Suzanne wrote code for a supercomputer to identify all of the mountains in the Andes, and every year sets off to climb these remote, unclimbed, un-named mountains.

This combination of exploration with science led her to apply for a recent BBC television series called 'Astronauts: Do You Have What it Takes?', where she had to speak Russian in a centrifuge while spinning around at 5g, take her own blood, experience a microgravity flight, amongst many further tests.

Suzanne will discuss how she applied what she had learned about resilience, risk and teamwork from the high mountains to her astronaut training experience, and look to her next steps, and the future of human spaceflight.

The lecture is taking place in the West Park Teaching Hub on Wednesday May 15th at 2pm, with light refreshments available from 1.30pm. The lecture is free, but it is necessary to book your place. To do that, follow this link: