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Collection Management

Collection development at the University Library is focussed on supporting the Institution’s research, teaching, and learning activities by provisioning access to material in the most appropriate format and by the most effective means.

The Library is committed to supporting the research activity of the University and is responsive to requests from all staff, students, and researchers for material that aids research or other academic objectives.

As a priority, the Library aims to provide the information resources required to support the needs of all undergraduate and postgraduate students. To achieve this the Library commits to providing at least one copy, subject to availability and resources, of all items added to a module resource list on the University’s online reading list system.

To meet the needs of a flexible learning environment, the Library has a digital first policy to improve the accessibility of resources for all our users including part-time staff and students, distance learners and members of the institution with a print disability. It is important to note that some restrictions or obstacles may preclude the Library from making resources available electronically these could include material not being available digitally, licences being too restrictive or not on offer to institutions and costs being prohibitively expensive.

In line with University strategy the Library asks all staff, students, and researchers to promote equality and celebrate diversity, and the Library actively encourages requests for material that supports this agenda and helps make our collection more representative and inclusive.