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Password Guidance

Protect your personal information by creating strong passwords for your University and personal accounts to keep them secure. For security reasons, we do not recommend writing your password down. 

Never reuse your Loughborough email address and password to register for other online services – if any of those other sites are compromised, criminals may then have access to your University IT account. 

Passwords can be changed by logging on to a University Computer and then pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and clicking on Change Password.

It must meet the following:

  • 8 characters in length
  • NOT contain any personal details
  • MUST contain at least three out of the following four:
    • Uppercase letters 
    • Lowercase letters
    • Numbers
    • Non-Alphanumeric characters (!"£$%^&*)


  • Avoid common words and number combinations (e.g. "password"; "1234")
  • Replace characters with similar characters (e.g. o and 0; 5 and S)
  • Make passwords easy to remember by using the following:
    • Create an acronym
    • Use a memorable phrase 
    • Use multiple common but unrelated words

Report it – if you feel your password might have been compromised or you notice any strange activity with your IT account, report it at so this can be investigated and resolved.