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Student Data Migration FAQ

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Additional information about OneDrive in Labs

How does the new OneDrive sync client work?

The client operates similarly to your U:Drive however if you are not working on a Microsoft application you MUST ensure the file/application you are working on has been closed prior to attempting to save or the “sync” will not start. In addition you should wait until the sync complete before logging off

You need to look for this icon in the bottom right of the screen


If the icon has changed to this it is in the process of syncing files


If you have an issue the icon will remain as this and you can right click on the Icon and you will see a Red tile with a message saving you your OneDrive needs attention and a recommendation to tap to see more information.  A message box similar to the one below will be displayed.  If you follow the suggestions in the Resolution section, the file will then upload

Can I log off as soon as I have put a file in the OneDrive “sync” client?

No, to minimise the risk of lost data you should wait until the sync completes, see the question above for more information on this

How do I know when the “sync” has completed?

Look for this icon


If you see this icon the files are still syncing

Can I still save to a USB stick?

Yes, however consider if this is the safest option to retain your data

I’m a pre-sessional student / on a short course. How does this affect me?

You will be provided with a OneDrive account as part of your University access