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Antivirus Software

IT Services recommend you use Windows Defender if you are on a Windows 10 machine.

Why not try this link for help with Windows Defender and Windows 10

For Mac please use the instructions below



Open a new window and paste in the the following link  to go to the Sophos site.

Follow the steps to register and download the installer.


Open Downloaded File

Open downloaded file. Bring new window to front.

Open your Downloads folder. Your browser may have unzipped the download automatically, if not then double click on the zip file (normally called


Open Sophos

Open Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edit.

Go into the "savosx_he_r" folder and double click on Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edit.


Completing Install

Follow the prompts to install Sophos Anti-Virus.



Once Sophos has installed it will automatically update and then activate the On Access scanner automatically. You can control Sophos by clicking on the shield icon in the menu bar.