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Dynamic Working - IT essentials

This is the place for all your IT related needs with useful links on how to work from home.


Set up the VPN

The VPN service allows secure access to University online services from off campus, once connected it will be like you are plugged into the campus network.

Find out more here.


Access to a range of downloadable software

You can acccess a range of software to support your studies.

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Access your University OneDrive account from any device, anywhere

As part of your Office 365 account, Loughborough students have access to cloud storage via OneDrive for Business.

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Add a Local user account

Create another user account on your personal machine.

Find out more here.

First time setup

A suite of short instructional videos to help you set up your devices for working away from campus, allowing you access to University internet based resources which could otherwise be restricted to on-campus use only.

Connecting to the VPN

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote connecting

Do I need to be on the VPN to read my email?

No, you can access your email without the VPNThe Outlook Web App allows you to access your email, calendar and contacts online from any location, on almost any device

Am I bound by the Acceptable User Policy when working from home on the VPN?

Yes as by accessing the VPN, you are on the Universities network.

Personal devices

Can I forward my University emails to my personal account?

The University does not allow this due to GDPR. There is also no need to do this as you can access email off-campus.


Can I still access the software I require?

Yes, Students have access to free software including Specialist Software and Microsoft Office. These can be downloaded through Learn under the Software Downloads page.

Additional temporary access to Software

Adobe has provided temporary off-campus access for Loughborough students at the current time so that you can continue your work remotely. The instructions available here

Also, a temporary service to access very specific software to complete your work, IT Services have configured the Computer and Software Availability system to allow students remote access to computers on campus. More information can be found here 



Need help?

If you are having issues or need further help click here.

Health and Safety have issued three new guidance notes on the Health and Safety website relating to advice for homeworkers.

PDF document: Desk Setup when working from home 

PDF document: Stretches for Computer Users

PDF document: Working safely at home