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As part of our agreements with some of the university suppliers, we are able to offer discounts to students.

Please use the sections below to see what is available to you to help you with your studies

Student offers

The Dell Advantage offers is available to students

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O2 Student Offers

Our student discount detail can be found via the following link:

This provides students with:

As a student you'll get 20% off your Airtime Plan when you sign up to O2 Refresh with a phone, tablet or mobile broadband device. The Airtime Plan covers your calls, texts and data. You'll also be able to claim 20% off accessories.

The offer doesn't apply to your Device Plan, which is the monthly cost of your device. But you can reduce your monthly bill by spreading the cost of your device up to 36 months, with our custom plans.

If buying in store, you'll need to claim your Airtime Plan discount within 28 days of signing up to O2 Refresh. Your discount will last for the length of your Device Plan.

Airtime discount offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, and there is no discount available on Apple Watch Airtime Plans.

The T&C’s for this can be found here: