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Data Storage

Information on Document Storage for Research Projects

In line with the University’s Research Data Management Policy, all research should be supported by a data management plan. A data management plan should include information about where your data, information, materials etc. will be stored, shared, and archived.

The Research Data Manager and IT Staff will be able to provide advice on the best location for your research documents. Please contact IT Services at, or telephone: 01509 222 333.

Office 365 Groups


It is recommended that all research data is stored in an Office 365 Group dedicated to the specific research project, and membership is considered to ensure data is not lost if a member of the research group leaves.

Office 365 Groups provides the ability for Loughborough staff and students to store unlimited numbers of files (a quick call needs to be made to the IT Service Desk once 1TB is reached), with a maximum individual file size of 100GB.

Uploading files to Office 365 Groups is often faster than saving to a USB memory stick and files are synchronised to all registered devices when they have an Internet connection: phones, tablets, computer, etc. You can configure your devices to store these files for access when there is no Internet connection, or you can download them on request.

If you are concerned that Office 365 Groups cannot meet your research data storage requirements, then please contact the Park IT Teams or IT Academic Support Team at, or via telephone on 01509 222 333.