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Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

The University subscribes to the Microsoft Office 365 platform to provide staff and students free access to Office applications and productivity tools.

To support users in the use of Office 365 applications, we have created a new self-service area on Learn for O365 Training, this includes unlimited access to Linkedin Learning's hundreds of courses; please note these that some applications are not fully supported by IT Services.

Links to training and downloading Microsoft Office 365

To help you see how we support O365 applications, we have developed the following matrix:

What we support

Managed O365 Applications

The listed O365 applications in this section are fully supported services which IT Services proactively monitors and provides training and guidance on.

If you have any technical issues, we will assist you via our IT Service Desk and relevant support teams. 

Office 365 ApplicationTraining 
OneDrive for Business  Online courses and face-to-face training        
Office 365 Groups including Planner and SharePoint for Groups Online courses only
Outlook Online courses only 
Office suite (Office online)Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook on the web Online courses only 
Forms Online courses and face-to-face training 
OneNote  Online courses and face-to-face training  
Teams Online courses and face-to-face training


Available O365 Applications

The following applications are available in your O365 account, but we may not proactively advertise these.

There is no formal support on use and support queries will be managed on a case by case basis; online guidance and courses are available via our self-service O365 Training section on Learn

If you are planning to use these applications for important processes or to handle personal information, please contact us first for advice and guidance on how to do this safely.

Office 365 ApplicationTraining 
Sway                                                      Online courses only 
Skype for Business Online courses only
Stream Online courses only 
Flow (Power Automate) Online courses only 
PowerApps Online courses only 
Power BI Online courses only 

Unsupported O365 Applications

The following applications are available in your O365 account, however, we provide no support in the use of these.

Support for these applications may become available in the future, and these pages will be regularly updated to keep users informed of changes to support applications.

Online guidance and support can be found on the Microsoft website

Office 365 ApplicationTraining 
Yammer Available on the Microsoft site 
Delve Available on the Microsoft site 

The matrix will be regularly reviewed and updated as new features become available and/or when IT Service support arrangements are put in place. Meaning, O365 applications could move between support levels at any point.

While something maybe in the unsupported section today, they may become an available or managed service at a later date.