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Adobe Software for your Personal Devices

Adobe Software is only available to members of the university who are registered as ‘Staff’ through HR due to licensing restrictions.

NOTE: We are not licenced to offer Adobe software to Undergraduate, Post Grad Taught or Post Grad Research Students unless the Student is also registered as a member of Staff.

If you need any assistance using the software once you have completed the download(s) please see the online Adobe help pages where you can find online tutorials and other support options for their products. 

Pleas follow the below instructions to gain access to Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise: 


Email the IT Service Desk

From your University email address, email requesting access to Adobe software for your personal machine


Confirmation email

IT Services will then create your account and you will receive an email from Adobe entitled:

Your invitation from EDUSERV - LOUGHBOROUGH 

Within the body of the email click on: Accept Invitation



Signing in

You will be redirected to an Adobe Web page to set up and verify your account:

  1. Click the 'SIGN IN' button (image 1)
  2. Enter your name, university email address and choose your password (Image 2) 
  3. Click 'SIGN UP' (Image 2) 
  4. You will then see and confirmation message on your screen 


You will receive a confirmation email stating: You just got access to Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise

  1. Within the body of the email click on: 'Install it Yourself'
  2. Read and accept the Terms of Use
  3. Go to the catalog to view available products


Once in the Catalog you will have visibility to all products included in the campus license which you are able to download to your personal devices. 

You can also see other products which are available under a limited free trial and for purchase.

To download and install products:

  1. Click 'Download' (or Download Trial/Buy Now for products outside the University licensing) 
  2. Follow the site's install wizard to completion